The Upside-Down Fish

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A little fish makes a big splash in this delightful picture book about being yourself and finding happiness with those who like you for who you are.


Out now with Sky Pony Press

Upside-down Fish lives in a big tank at a pet store filled with lots of other fish. The other fish in the tank swim the right-way up, though, and they don’t understand why Upside-down Fish is so different. This makes him very lonely. One day, a child comes into the store and chooses Upside-down Fish as a pet. He is anxious that he won’t be accepted in his new tank, but much to his surprise, the new fish are friendly! They love that he is different and want to know what it’s like to have the sky below and the ground above. Upside-down Fish realizes that it’s okay to be different—it’s what makes him so special.

Kate Louise and Laura Matine’s The Upside-Down Fish is about being yourself and finding happiness with people who accept you for who you are. Inspired by the author’s own upside-down fish, this is a book for any child who feels a little different and needs that extra boost of confidence that he or she is unique.


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Illustrations: Laura Matine
Published: 3rd February 2015 by Sky Pony Press
ISBN: 9781629146287

Praise for The Upside-Down Fish

“This big-hearted story has a lovely message delivered with a light touch.” — Clara Vulliamy, author of Martha and the Bunny Brothers

“Reading this with my 4 year old was really an enjoyable moment. I adore stories that teach her that not everyone is the same and she clearly understood this while reading it. . . . It’s simple, we both fell in love with The Upside-Down Fish.”Book Passion for Life

“A beautiful, charming picture book.” — Rose Mannering, author of The Spotty Dotty Daffodil

“The story is short and enjoyable for all ages, especially for those that may need an extra boost of confidence, just like the Upside-down Fish himself!” Diapers and Daydreams

“A fantastic, young children’s tale with a positive message.” — Melanie, Goodreads review