Interview with Lisa Lueddecke, Author of A SHIVER OF SNOW AND SKY

A Shiver of Snow and Sky is one of my new absolute favourite books so I’m thrilled to welcome Lisa Lueddecke to chat about this new fantasy world!

Kate Ormand: Hi Lisa! Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from A Shiver of Snow and Sky?
Lisa Lueddecke:Hopefully, you can expect a wintry fable set on an island that you almost feel could have existed at one point. I wanted to book to perhaps feel less like a straight up fantasy novel, and more like a fairytale someone might once have told, about a cold island, and a girl, and a Goddess.

KO: What did you enjoy most about creating this world?
LL: I love snow and winter, so creating a world that is so wintry and bare was a great experience. I’ve almost always lived somewhere cold, so I really got to channel that into this book. I also loved steeping it in superstitions, because, while I don’t necessarily believe them myself, they can make the world feel much more rich. I loved the idea of a small, wary, superstitious community, but also a resilient one who’d survived so much. It was a story that I was excited to tell.

KO: It’s the perfect time of year to read a snowy fantasy novel. Can you give us a breakdown of how the beautiful cover fits the story so well?
LL: I feel like I couldn’t have asked for a better cover. While the characters are, of course, very important, I would say that Skane itself is the biggest character of all–both friend and villain–so having a cover that shows the snow (or the stars, depending on how you look at it) with the icy trees running along the bottom really helps to set the tone for the story. And the foil is just terribly pretty and shiny.

KO: We’re both candle makers — what would be the perfect scent for a candle inspired by A Shiver of Snow and Sky?
LL: I would imagine a candle scented with pine cones, and maybe a touch of peppermint or clove. Something deeply wintry and warming. I made a few for myself to scent the room while I was writing the book, and those were the ones that really inspired me. I imagined forests and snow and spices and fireplaces, rich and enchanting.

KO: And to wrap up can we end with a quote from the book?
LL: Sure! Let’s go with something short and hopeful: “Sometimes, when the world seemed shrouded in darkness, words could offer light.”

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Lisa Lueddecke was born into an Air Force family, giving her a love for travel, and has spent her life moving between four countries and five US states. She currently resides in England, is one of five sisters, and is a former publishing intern and book blogger turned writer.
A Shiver of Snow and Sky is her début novel.