Flickerink: 10 New Candles!

We recently sold out of most of our designs, leaving us with just 5 scents left on the Etsy store, so it was time for an update! And what better time than October? As the nights draw in and get colder, our candles come out in force! For a cosy autumn and winter, we’ve released 10 new designs and restocked some of our bestsellers!

Firstly, Unbirthday will be back in stock! It smells like cake and we’re thrilled to be pouring this one again.

Now on to the new candles…


Mermaid Song, inspired by Ursula’s spell in The Little Mermaid and scented with sweet tropical fruits.


Fairy Dust! Float of a cloud of candy floss with this sweet candle inspired by Tinkerbell and dusted with gold glitter.


Little Red’s Basket, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and scented with freshly baked banana nut loaf that smells good enough to eat (my dear!).


Sleeping Curse – a dreamy lavender scented candle inspired by Sleeping Beauty.


Dragon Fire, inspired by fantasy and magic books and scented with sweet flame-roasted chestnuts.


Phoenix Feather, another mythical creature! This one is scented like sherbet lemons.


Bewitched Broomstick! Take flight with this magical coffee-scented candle.


Wizard Beer! This mouth-watering candle is scented like warm butterscotch froth. The wax is two-tone – a boozy maple colour at the bottom with a layer of white above to represent the frothy foam top. Cheers!


Snow Queen Explore a winter landscape with this frozen berry and mint candle.


Christmas Ghost! A limited edition candle inspired by A Christmas Carol and scented with spiced nutmeg. Something spooky and festive!

We also still have Poison Apple, Down the Rabbit Hole, Sea Witch, Be Our Guest and Villainess in stock. Head over to our Etsy page to see the full range: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Flickerink