Books Read in July 2017





Lauren James

Romy is the first human born in space. After the death of her crew, she’s in charge of a spaceship heading to a new planet. She’s the loneliest girl in the universe until she gets news that another, faster spaceship will join her mission . . .

A brilliant high-suspense psychological thriller set in space – I can see the movie posters already! I’m so impressed. The story took unexpected turn after turn and had me glued to its pages. I love Lauren James’s books and this, for me, was the best yet. I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

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F C Yee

Genie has her hands full balancing time between school work, her best friend, and the new guy who seems to think he already knows her. Not to mention battling demons from Chinese-folklore alongside the competition she faces to get into an exclusive college. But Quentin tells Genie of her extraordinary powers and urges her to awaken them, because Genie’s small town becomes a demon hot spot and it rests on her to stop them. Powerful gods, fierce battles, and laugh-out-loud humour come together in this epic, action-packed read. Genie is awesome. Her story is fun and exciting with memorable characters to love and root for. So good!!

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Chloe Seager

Emma keeps a private online blog like a diary. From breakups, crushes, first dates and last dates, to friendship, advice and the use of social media, Editing Emma is hilarious and so relatable. The story covers important and relevant topics and really does remind me of my teens, reading Louise Rennison. The humour and tone is spot on. The book is written as a series of posts, making it a quick, refreshing read. Such an uplifting and entertaining debut that I know I’ll be recommending.

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