Books Read in May 2017




Jennifer E Smith

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Alice is in love with her best friend. On his eighteenth birthday she buys him a winning lottery ticket. Their friendship is put to the test as Teddy claims his winnings in this sweet and thought-provoking read. This is the first book by Jennifer E Smith I’ve read, but I have a few on my shelf I’m now really looking forward to getting to. I love discovering a great contemporary and this felt really unique and lovely. It’s a fab summer pick about kindness, love and luck, and I enjoyed every minute.


Renee Ahdieh

The Black Clan attacks Mariko’s convoy as she travels to marry the emperor’s son, leaving none alive—or so they think. Mariko escapes with her life and a choice. She can wait to be rescued, or she can seek answers as to who wants her dead and why. Disguised as a boy, Mariko sets out to infiltrate the Black Clan and bring it down from the inside. But the mystery runs a lot deeper than Mariko could have expected.

This was incredible. After reading The Wrath and the Dawn, I knew to expect great things from this author. With characters I couldn’t help but fall in love with, action and danger, revenge and lies, unspoken promises, fierce loyalty, and the value of love and honour, Flame in the Mist was a dream to read. I couldn’t get enough of it while reading and I couldn’t stop thinking about it long after the last page. Highly recommended!


Cat Clarke

Harper believes she’s responsible for her twin sister’s death. Life at home has never been the same, so Harper left for boarding school. She has a group of close friends there, but there are some things Harper thinks not even they would understand. Then a new girl starts school, who tells Harper she also lost a sister. Broken promises, spilled secrets, and damaged friendships follow her arrival, but who is to blame?

I’m not usually drawn to boarding school books but this has changed my mind! Duncraggan Castle was the best setting, complete with secret hideouts and its own ghost stories. I’ve never read anything by Cat Clarke before but I know the books are popular, so I picked it up and could immediately see why. This really sucked me in. I loved the friendships between the girls, the dark secrets, the Academy’s traditions . . . brilliant!


Teri Terry

A deadly virus is spreading fast through Scotland and the UK—but where did it come from and how did it start? Teri Terry is brilliant at bringing a unique and in-depth sci-fi element to her stories. I’m always impressed by the level of detail and thought behind this author’s books. I loved the Slated trilogy so I was excited to start this new journey with Shay, Kai and Callie. Contagion was a great mystery and adventure story, with a touch of supernatural. I was glued its pages. A good pick for fans of Emma Pass and Lauren James.

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