Interview with Danielle L Jensen, Author of THE BROKEN ONES

I’m so excited for the release of The Broken Ones by Danielle L Jensen (UK – 1 June/US – 6 June) and delighted to have Danielle here to chat about the prequel to Stolen Songbird!

Kate Ormand: I’m a huge fan of the Malediction trilogy. Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from The Broken Ones?
Danielle L Jensen: The Broken Ones takes place two years prior to the events of Stolen Songbird. It’s from the point of view of one of the more beloved secondary characters in the trilogy, Marc, as well as from that of his love interest, Pénélope. It’s a bit of a Romeo and Juliette-esque tale about their romance, but also digs deep into many of the events that instigate the plot of Stolen Songbird. I wrote it for the fans of the trilogy, and I hope they love diving back into the world of the trolls. My publisher has also included a (very) short story about Cécile, the heroine of The Malediction Trilogy, titled The Songbird’s Overture, which was previously only available to read online!

KO: What did you enjoy most about revisiting Trollus?
DJL: Trollus is magical and otherworldly, and it has always been my favourite setting within my novels. Writing about Trollus is like being lost in a daydream, and I enjoyed every second of it.

KO: Pros and cons of writing a prequel?
DJL: Pros are that I got to write about all the backstory and character history that I couldn’t include in the trilogy, and that I got to dig deeper into the motivations of certain characters, which I always love. The biggest con was that I had to write within the framework of the little details that I’d provided throughout the trilogy, rather than free writing, as is my preference.

KO: We both love reading YA and there are some amazing books out this year – what novel releases are you most looking forward?
DLJ: I’m really looking forward to Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by the lovely Julie Dao, as well as Bloodwitch by the amazing Susan Dennard.

KO: And to wrap up can we end with a quote from The Broken Ones?
DLJ: My favourite quote is from Pénélope in a conversation with Tristan, and it’s actually the one on the back of her character trading card, which you can get your hands on if you preorder The Broken Ones J

“Why should we have to live lesser lives for no reason other than that we are not perfect?”

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