Review: LORD OF SHADOWS by Cassandra Clare


Cassandra Clare

The best thing other than joining the world of Shadowhunters again is the quick humour and the close bond between the characters. Lady Midnight was an amazing introduction to this new series. Readers were launched back into the world of Shadowhunters alongside both new and familiar faces. The first book ended with a great set up for Lord of Shadows, and it was worth the wait!

The Dark Artifices delivers a refreshing spin on previous Shadowhunter books. Though each series has the familiarity that I love to find with each book I start, the series each have something unique and wonderful about them that sets them apart from each other in many ways. This is the ninth Shadowhunter book I’ve read and after each one I finish I look forward to the next.

I’m really invested in the Blackthorns – and in Emma and Julian’s storyline in particular. From Faerie to inside the Institute itself, danger comes from all sides, and the Cold Peace hasn’t made life easier for Shadowhunters. If you loved Lady Midnight, pick this up and dive back in ASAP!

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