Books Read in March 2017



Sarah Nicole Lemon

Tourmaline has been surrounded by the Wardens all her life, but is just now starting to question who they really are and how they see her. Virginia befriends Tourmaline to get closer to the Wardens and report back to her boss with information. The two girls become friends through bad circumstances and both have something to hide, but they soon start to find things are better when they stick together. 

I’m a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy, so I knew I needed to read this. It definitely had a SoA vibe but I loved the direction it took with its focus on the president’s daughter, her friendships and relationships, and how it feels to be a family member of the club. I loved the setting and how tangled up in everything the girls were. With high-stakes, real danger and romance to root for, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for.


Mick Finlay

A historical crime fiction set in 1895 about a private investigator working in London. Told from the POV of Arrowood’s assistant, reader’s join their latest case and learn of Arrowood’s dislike for Sherlock Holmes—which I thought was a great touch! Their investigation into a missing person quickly becomes dangerous—but the pair are determined to see it through, whatever the risk.

This isn’t my usual thing, but the whole idea really grabbed my attention. With good humour and an intriguing mystery, this is a great pick for Sherlock fans. It’d be great if this became a series. It was gripping and I enjoyed it!

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