Books Read in February 2017



Amy Engel

Everyone wants to be a Roanoke girl, but no one really knows the truth about them. Lane dreams of her mother’s childhood home and when her mother dies, she is sent to live there with her grandparents and cousin, Allegra. She quickly settles in, but secrets of the past and present stir in the shadows, waiting to be discovered.

A gripping thriller with darkness at its core. Told in ‘then’ and ‘now’ chapters, we get an all-round look into Lane’s life as a teenager and on her return as an adult. I loved the small town feel – it reminded me of the Sookie Stackhouse books, without the supernatural. I raced through this and moved straight onto Amy Engel’s YA novel, The Book of Ivy, because I was craving more from this author.


Mary G Thompson

Amy and her cousin Dee were abducted as children. Six years pass and Amy returns home alone. She doesn’t talk about what happened to her, or what happened to Dee. Her secrets mount up as she fights to protect those she loves, but can’t help but hurt others in the process.

I was so impressed by this book. I wanted to be reading it all the time to get to the bottom of what happened to the girls. It was completely unputdownable. It’s easily a one-sitting read if you can take a day and I’d have loved to have sat and read cover to finish with no interruptions. It’s a dark read with a tough subject matter that is handled well. Reactions felt genuine to me and a constant sense of unease settled while reading. It had me inventing then scrapping my own theories with each turn of the page. This one will stay with me.


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