Flickerink: Bookish Soy Candles

Hello! You may have seen on my Instagram and Twitter that I’ve been busy making book-inspired soy candles for Etsy and craft events. I’ve been setting up over the last few weeks in the build up to launching the little store. We’re called Flickerink and you can follow us on Twitter here and Instagram here.

I also have a page for it on this website, where I’ll post updates. You can find it in ‘Extras’ here.

And I’m delighted to announce that the store is now live and you can find us here on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/flickerink

We launched with 5 candles, with a great selection of foodie, earthy, and fruity scents:


Warm cakey goodness: Inspired by Through the Looking Glass and scented like a sweet birthday cake one might serve at an unbirthday party.

Poison Apple

Alluring sweet apple: Inspired by Snow White and scented with tempting sweet apple pie that smells good enough to eat.

Drury Lane

Fresh baked gingerbread: Inspired by The Muffin Man and scented with spicy gingerbread that transports us straight to a fairy tale bakery.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

Curious woodland mist: Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and scented like a woodland landscape of tall trees and pine needles.

and Love Potion

Magical blackcurrant haze: Inspired by storybooks and magic and scented with enticing blackcurrant.

… with more coming soon!