2 New Picture Books from Scholastic


Chae Strathie and Nicola O’Byrne

Max visits the museum and can’t wait to see the dinosaur exhibition. But the museum is closing and Max lives too far away to come back soon, so the curator suggests he writes to his favourite dinosaur – the T-Rex. And it isn’t long until the T-Rex starts writing back!

This is an adorable pen pal picture book between a boy and a dinosaur. Readers will enjoy getting involved opening cards, letters and postcards throughout the story. Great fun for all, with humorous and detailed illustrations to enjoy. This is sure to inspire little readers to write their own letters.


Matt Carr

A little bat makes a big impression in this striking story. Bat puts on a cape and declares himself “Superbat!” but when his friends ask him what his special powers are, he realises he doesn’t really have any . . .

The bold illustrations have a retro, comic-book feel and the strong, block colours support this energetic story perfectly. This is a great one for giving readers an extra boost of confidence. A story about believing in yourself is sure to leave a lasting impression. Great style – I absolutely loved this one!