Books Read August 2016



Meg Leder

Penelope loves books and movies and romance, and wants her happily ever after. So when her friends start branching out and making new friends, things become complicated. And when a guy she likes asks her out, everything begins to change. Is Penelope’s world moving in the right direction? Or is this not the happy ending she always wanted? 

I didn’t want this to be over! It was perfect. I loved it. I really related to Penelope, I think a lot of readers will, with her expectations of first likes, the pushed away feeling when a close friend makes another close friend, trying to hold everything together when it’s drifting away. Everyone grows and changes, but Penelope isn’t ready to let go. Though I didn’t want this to end, I couldn’t read it fast enough to see if everything would be okay! I really liked Penelope’s friendship with Eph – their closeness and history was so sweet. I also read this in summer while staying in New York City, which was perfect! I’d recommend to fans of David Levithan and Huntley Fitzpatrick.


Brianna R Shrum

Saving for a trip to New York City, Renley sets up a “how to” blog. As the site becomes popular, Renley opens it up, allowing viewers to send questions and pay for the answers. Soon the blog starts to take over Renley’s day-to-day life and she does things she wouldn’t usually do, with the risk of losing her friends and herself in the process.

I’m in a real contemporary mood at the moment and I couldn’t get enough of this book! I read it over just a few days but could have easily read in one sitting. I liked how unsure I felt about where things would go while reading, and I liked seeing Renley’s character grow. It was a fun read!


Caighlan Smith

Children aged ten to sixteen hope for the chance to enter the labyrinth. To navigate the maze to find the land of the angels and wait to one day welcome Icarus home. The Icarii are chosen at the Temple of Icarus and, at the age of sixteen, it’s our main character and her best friend’s, last chance to be chosen to become angels. But as soon as the two girls leave the city, along with the rest of the chosen group, excitement soon turns to horror as the real labyrinth reveals itself, and it’s far from paradise…

This was a dark read and I liked that twist. The mythology was really interesting and I loved the overall idea. The main character (nameless throughout the book) is very different to any character I’ve read before—the change in her is massive as she adapts to a new situation and learns how to survive in the labyrinth. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in the next book. I’d recommend this to fans of Susan Ee’s Angelfall and Amalie Howard’s Alpha Goddess.


Eve Ainsworth

Anna starts spending time with Will after they meet at school. Their friendship develops quickly and their relationship turns dark and dangerous. Soon Anna is cut off from all her friends and all the things that make her her. Will gains control of almost every aspect of Anna’s life to the point where she can’t see what’s happening.

I read this in one sitting, which I rarely do. It was brilliantly done. Eve Ainsworth writes such important books. This was a moving, powerful story, and a great follow up to 7 Days. I’d recommend to fans of Louise O’Neill.

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