November 2015 Book Reviews


Amanda Hocking

Bryn escapes her kingdom, accused of a crime she didn’t commit. She meets an old enemy and uncovers dark secrets surrounding Doldastam and its royalty. The story moves quickly as Bryn visits the troll tribes in an attempt to discover the truth and bring peace to her kingdom and the people she loves. A lot stands between Bryn and what she wishes to achieve. Will she get the help she needs to pull it off? 

With high drama and great pacing, the twists and turns kept coming, making this an incredibly exciting read, just as the previous books in the series had been. I loved that we got all five troll tribes present in this book, and got the opportunity to revisit some Trylle favourites! The troll tribes live in a world within our own, hidden from humans and under their own rule. The world-building is spectacular and the characters are well fleshed out. I adored Bryn, Ridley, and Konstantin, and many others, and am yet to read an Amanda Hocking book I haven’t fallen hard for. This was no exception–amazing and utterly addictive. Five stars aren’t enough!


Stephanie Diaz

The Alliance is broken and the planet is under attack. The leaders of Kiel still have power over its citizens and Clementine is fighting to break their hold. But when Marden invades Kiel, she must join forces with one side or the other to save her planet from being destroyed.

This was a great way to finish, and my favourite book in the series. Diaz’s world is well imagined and her characters have real motivation. Clementine is determined to succeed in saving not only those she loves and cares for, but the planet as a whole. She discovers the shocking truth about why she was picked for Extraction and why Commander Charlie wanted her kept alive all this time. There’s nowhere to run, no one to turn to, and Clementine must act fast as the war between planets begins. An exciting conclusion!


The Next Together by Lauren James

The Edge of Forever by Melissa E Hurst

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare