April 2015 Book Reviews



Sarah J Maas

This book was incredible. Beyond amazing. So clever and twisty and beautifully done. Feyre is taken to the faerie lands of Prythian to repay a debt. There she is to stay – her life for the wolf she killed. At first she plots her escape but things begin to change as she settles more and understands more. Even though Feyre never lets her guard down, she start to come to terms with forever remaining at the Spring Court with Tamlin. As the two steadily grow closer, it’s not only who and what they are that stands against them – there’s a sickness over the lands, a darkness, and it threatens everything they have. 

I quickly warmed to Feyre and the way she cares for her family even though they don’t seem to treat her too well, or help her carry the weight of hunting, providing, and surviving. Feyre’s strength is clear from the outset, gained from her environment and way of life. She is brave and smart and adapts well to living in faerie territory. The lands are brilliantly planned and developed, and once things really started stirring up there I could not stop reading! The story took unexpected turn after unexpected turn and kept me hanging onto every word, every gesture, every touch. I was fully invested in Feyre and Tamlin’s story, swept up in their lives, and blown away by every development.

From Sarah J Mass comes an astonishing new fantasy series, where the author spins the tale of Beauty and the Beast into a fresh and breath-taking story of love, darkness, hope, and courage. I love retellings, and I enjoyed this one immensely. Utterly captivating and achingly romantic – I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Lisa Heathfield

Fifteen-year-old Pearl lives at Seed with a closed-off group of people who worship Nature. Pearl has lived her whole life at Seed. She doesn’t know who her parents or siblings are among the group because they are all one family. Their leader, Papa S, will do anything to keep the group in line, to keep their unquestionable belief in him and Mother Nature. It was interesting to explore Seed’s values and the impact Papa S had on the group, to see who was hanging on his every word, and who found themselves beginning to doubt him. When Outsiders join the community, how much of that world will they bring with them? And what will that knowledge do to those who’ve never known anything other than Seed?

This was gorgeously written with an effortless flow to the story. I was swept along with Pearl, sharing her worries, her smiles, her confusion, her friendships. I completely fell into her story. Dark themes are explored with a gentle touch, leading to a heart-pounding conclusion. With shocker twists, SEED is an edge-of-your-seat read from beginning to end. Insanely good – one of the best books I’ve read this year.


Martha Brockenbrough

In a dark and beautiful tale of love, loss, hope, and fate, Love and Death pick their players and the game begins. We’re familiar with Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, both couples players in the game of Love and Death. Now they’ve chosen new players: Flora for Death and Henry for Love. The pair are drawn to each other and the author spins a striking love story for the two, but there’s so much that stands against them, and will their feelings alone be enough in the end?

Set in the 1930s this book immediately drew me in. I’m a fan of the time period, enjoying shows like Boardwalk Empire and novels by historical YA writers such as Cat Winters, where a supernatural element creeps into the story. As soon as I heard about this book, about the Seattle setting, the dangerous game, the music and romance, I knew I had to read it. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, the twists, and the writing style. The rules are set, the stakes are high, their lives are in the hands of Love and Death, and who wins all rests on the actions of the players. The pages burst with courage and chance.


Reboot by Amy Tintera

Frigid by J Lynn