Interviews with Agents, Editors, Book Bloggers, and Designers…

Creative Authors agency website had an update recently and a new feature as part of the redesign was a blog, so I set up a few interviews with people in different areas of the industry. I chatted to the designer of the new site, my agent Isabel, my Sky Pony editor Nicole, book blogger Margie from Bumbles and Fairytales, and book tuber Megan Olivier. I also teamed up with a few other clients to talk about seeing our books in the wild…

New Look for Creative Authors


Isabel Atherton author, literary agent, and director of Creative Authors Ltd talks with me about the new look for the Creative Authors website. Click here to read.

Designer Andrew Stuart on Creating the New Creative Authors Website


Andrew Stuart is a designer at Cultivate Creative and responsible for designing the new look for the Creative Authors website. Andy works with a small team in the UK and I chatted to him about creating the new site. Click here to read.

A Conversation with US Book Blogger, Margie from Bumbles and Fairy-Tales

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We welcomed US book blogger, Margie from Bumbles and Fairy-Tales. I love this blog, and follow Margie on all her social media sites, so it was great to have the chance to chat to her on the new site! Click here to read.

Skyhorse Editor, Nicole Frail on the Publishing Process


Nicole Frail is an editor at Skyhorse Publishing, a New York-based publishing house that grows bigger every year. Skyhorse has ten imprints and Nicole can acquire for any of them. For me, it was for THE WANDERERS, my YA shapeshifter circus novel, with the children’s book imprint Sky Pony Press. Click here to read.

Books in the Wild

By Kate Ormand, G.R. Mannering and Ben Joel Price. Click here to read.

A Conversation with UK Book Tuber, Megan Olivier

We welcomed UK book tuber, Megan Olivier. I love Megan’s channel (along with 12,000 other subscribers!) and follow Meg on all her social media sites. I also know Megan in real life, as we met when she joined Lush for Christmas in 2013 and stayed friends since, so it was great to chat to her on the site too! Click here to read.