February 2015 Book Reviews



Heidi Schulz

Heidi Schulz puts a fun spin on one of the most magical and wondrous fictional lands. I’m a sucker for villains. I really am. So it immediately grabbed my interested at the mention of Captain James Hook! And I loved learning more about him alongside his daughter, Jocelyn, on her quest for revenge. 

I liked Jocelyn from the minute she burst on to the page, setting paper boats on fire, swinging a wooden sword, and scouting for enemy ships on the horizon. She’s a dreamer, and an absolute delight. Unfortunately, her grandfather doesn’t think her behaviour is acceptable for a young lady and he sends her off to finishing school. Jocelyn hopes for adventure, she’s aware of her father’s reputation and she wants in. But then she receives word of Captain Hook’s toothy end, and she finally gets her wish – though perhaps not quite like she imagined. Jocelyn sets out to fulfil Hook’s last request – that she defeat the crocodile and avenge his death. And so her adventure begins…

Readers will explore Neverland like never before as Jocelyn sets sail with a loyal Smee and a crew of peculiar pirates. Reconnecting with some story favourites, like Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily and, of course, Peter Pan, was a real treat. Told by a narrator, with terrific humour and rich description, it reminded me of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (one of my all-time favourite series!). This was such a fun adventure, sweet at times, laugh-out-loud funny at others, and an utterly genius idea for a story. I enjoyed it immensely. Now the wait begins for book two. Tick-tock…


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