Blog Tour: Interview with 7 DAYS author, Eve Ainsworth

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Eve Ainsworth’s debut novel, 7 DAYS! I was lucky enough to read this early and I enjoyed it SO much. 7 DAYS is out TOMORROW and I’m so thrilled to be joining in the fun here with Eve today.

Kate Ormand: Hi Eve. Your book is out tomorrow!! How do you feel?
Eve Ainsworth: I’m so excited. It still feels really unreal. This has been the moment I’ve dreamt of since I was 4 years old. I’m still waiting for someone to pinch me and tell me it’s a dream.
I fluctuate from sheer joy, to actual panic that ‘my baby’ will be out there, exposed to the outside world. It’s both strange and wonderful.

KO: I loved the book, in particular that we get to see both sides of the story with alternating POV from Jess and Kez. What made you decide to write it this way?
EA: Within my job at a large comprehensive school, I was constantly hearing stories of relationship struggles and peer issues. Sometimes these would develop into pretty nasty bullying cases. It was my job to listen to both sides of the story and to try and mediate if possible. I began to understand that there was nothing as simple as someone being an ‘out-and-out’ bully and often the aggressor was under different pressures and needed support too.
Whilst 7 days was fictional, I used the idea of a bully also being troubled. It made sense to make it dual narrative, as I wanted readers to experience events from both perspectives.

KO: I also really enjoyed the short timeframe. It made everything very immediate and tense. What made you decide on a 7 day timeline?
EA: I wanted it to be fast paced. In incidents like this, events can escalate so quickly and completely take over the individuals lives. I wanted to book to be pacey and intense. I could imagine a victim of bullying counting down days in their head, desperately willing the weekend on and that’s how the timeframe emerged.

KO: I’ve seen the word “powerful” used a lot to describe 7 Days. I think that’s very true and sums it up well. What other words would you use (or have you seen used) to describe the content?
EA: It’s gritty in places and quite raw. I’m complimented when people say it’s ‘real’ because I really want the book to relate to readers. I’ve also had feedback about how emotional they found it and as I writer found this too. There were some scenes that made me shed a tear or two.

KO: And to finish, can we end with a quote from the book?
EA: “I’m good at this. I’m good at destroying things.”

Thank you so much, Eve