April 2014 Book Reviews


Maureen Doyle McQuerry

A fascinating adventure story. Lena Mattacascar travels to curious lands with determination to find the father who left her when she was a child, and to uncover some of the mystery surrounding Peculiars and her own unusually long hands and feet. Peculiars are people with uncommon characteristics—wings, for example. These people are deemed soulless by society and most are rounded up and sent to Scree, where they either live in the dangerous free lands, or work in the mines in terrible, life-threatening conditions. And our main character, Lena, believes she may be a Peculiar, or at least half Peculiar. 

Leaving the City behind, Lena heads for a small town where she intends to gather supplies and find a guide to Scree. Unfortunately, her purse is stolen, meaning she has to stay in Knob Knoster a lot longer than planned. On her journey she meets Jimson, who is working as a librarian at Zephyr House for Mr Beasley, and Marshal Thomas Saltre, who believes Mr Beasley is breaking the law and lures Lena into helping him. She soon finds herself in too deep and chaos and adventure follows.

The setting is wonderfully imaginative, and there’s a great mix of characters I enjoyed getting to know. Lena’s journey is meaningful and her relationships with others along the way is explored well. I never quite knew who to trust, and I liked that the story kept me wondering right to the very end.

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