All the Shelves

There are six people in my house (including me) and we’re all readers. I thought it’d be fun to write a post about our shelves and share a little peek at everyone’s books. So I’ll start with my own…

photo 3

This is just one of my bookcases. I keep a lot of my favourites on this shelf, and the majority of my hardcovers. Top shelf and second shelf are home to mostly dystopian. Shelf three and four are mostly paranormal, but there are a few more dystopians sneaking in there at the bottom.

In another part of my room are my partner’s shelves. He doesn’t get much space because I take it all, so he has two wall shelves I generously handed over, and the rest have to go in a cupboard (hehe!).

photo 4

Lots of zombie books there — FEED series, THE WALKING DEAD (plus toys!), and ROT & RUIN. He loved the Barry Lyga books and is currently working his way through A CLASH OF KINGS by George. R. R. Martin.

Now we’ll have a look at a section of my dad’s shelves. He probably rivals me for top spot of having the most books, but his tastes have changed recently, and these are the newest additions.


He loves the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series, which took his interest from leaning more toward crime to fantasy. He was also pretty hooked on THE PASSAGE and THE TWELVE by Justin Cronin. Right now, he’s working his way through the Robin Hobb books and you speak at your own risk if he has one in his hand.

Next, we’ll have a look at a section of my mum’s shelves. We read quite a lot of the same books. I don’t often let her borrow mine, you’ll see why when you look at some of these spines…

photo 3

These are triple stacked. Some dystopian up top, with others like THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy, WITHER & FEVER by Lauren DeStefano, and ACID by Emma Pass behind the front row. Then you have some Amanda Hocking series (look at that ELEGY spine!). Middle shelf is home to more paranormal books. Behind the front row there’s the TWILIGHT series, TRUE BLOOD books, and DIVERGENT is even hiding back there. Bottom shelf is home to Cassandra Clare series, and there’s a few others that have spilled onto other shelves, like THE BONE SEASON and A GAME OF THRONES. So our tastes are very similar, and we tend to love all the same books, which is fun.

Next up are my brothers’ shelves. Let’s go to Brother 1 first…

photo 3-3

He likes a lot of contemporary, but recently enjoyed THE HUNGER GAMES and the DIVERGENT trilogy, which turned his attention toward dystopian. Also loving the CINDER series and exploring more retellings, and is still recovering from reading THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (hehe!). He organises his shelves alphabetically.

Annnddd, Brother 2…


There is absolutely no order to these. He almost manages to keep authors together and series in the right order . . . almost. 😀

That’s it. Lots more books but it might just take me days to take and upload enough photos to get them all in, so I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for reading!