DARK DAYS on Edelweiss

DARK DAYS is already in the hands of some authors and book reviewers! The lovely Jess from The Reading Nook Reviews told me that DARK DAYS is now up on Edelweiss for download. Click here to visit the page.

A handful of authors are also reading DARK DAYS to blurb the book. I shared the blurb Elsie Chapman, author of DUALED, provided for the book in this post, which was:

“Deadly cyborgs in the grimmest of worlds with a heroine who still dares to hope. The pages utterly flew by.”

And author Amalie Howard sent me this photo of one of the DARK DAYS advance reading copies:


It’s both exciting and scary to know people are reading it now. DARK DAYS is out in hardcover on 3rd June this year — four months to go! I can’t wait to see the finished book. Until then, happy reading and a big thank you to anyone who receives or downloads the review copy in the meantime!