January 2014 Book Reviews


Nikki Sheehan

A rogue imaginary friend, a series of unexplained events, and a duo determined to get to the bottom of it. Joseph and Flea are facing the Cosh — a service provided to children with uncontrollable imaginary friends. Once the procedure is complete, the child is left without imagination, resulting in the friend being erased for good.The two of them set out to unravel a mystery, following a variety of clues, to find out who framed Klaris Cliff. I had a blast reading this book. It was so much fun. Touching at times, hilarious at others. It was gripping and unpredictable, with a twist I did not see coming. I thought it was great.


Danielle L. Jensen

STOLEN SONGBIRD is a truly magnificent story of magic, politics, love, and deception. Cécile is taken from the life she knows and thrown into an entirely new one when she is sold as a bride to Tristan, the troll prince of Trollus. Stuck in a strange and dangerous world beneath the Forsaken Mountain, Cécile has one duty—to fulfil the prophecy that’ll free the trolls from the curse that stops them from leaving the mountain and entering the human world.

Trollus is a cruel place, ruled by a harsh human-hating king. Anyone not a full-blooded troll is treated as a lesser being, and the divide creates a lot of tension. Despite its gloom, I found Trollus a glorious setting—especially the glass gardens. The world building is exceptional, and Cécile and Tristan are such wonderfully crafted characters. Same goes for all the characters, actually, but those two are my favourites. Cécile is so feisty and I liked her right away. Tristan is incredibly sweet . . . in his own way! I loved him! The development of their relationship was touching and I became very attached to them both.

I loved STOLEN SONGBIRD so much it hurt! It’s easily one of the best books I’ve ever read. And I don’t say that lightly. I read it in January because I simply couldn’t wait to start. The story has stayed with me since, and I think it will do for a long time. Everything about the book is so special and enchanting. Absolutely perfect!

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