News: My Second Children’s Picture Book Sold!

I’m thrilled to share that Sky Pony Press will be publishing another one of my children’s picture books. THE UPSIDE-DOWN FISH will be published in Fall 2014.


“Kate Louise and Laura Matine’s THE UPSIDE-DOWN FISH, about being yourself and finding happiness with those who like you just the way you are, to Julie Matysik at Sky Pony Press, for publication in Fall 2014, by Isabel Atherton at Creative Authors (World).”

I’m really looking forward to working with Laura Matine on this. The illustrations she has shown us so far are adorable and fit the story perfectly.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing UDF, which was inspired by my own upside-down goldfish, and as always must thank my wonderful agent Isabel, my editor Julie, and the awesome team at Sky Pony Press.

Again, this book will be written under the name Kate Louise, and you can find out more about my children’s picture books by visiting my website ( or on Twitter (@katelouisebooks).

You can also add THE UPSIDE-DOWN FISH on Goodreads here.